You Are SOO NOT Funny!

I wish I was funny. Well, I think I’m funny, but most people (i.e. my husband and children) think I’m a dork. I have funny conversations with myself in my head and find myself laughing most of the time. I have my moments of funny where I can make a crowd laugh, or a small group of people–either way.

But I realllly wish I was a funny writer. I don’t do well translating my hilarious antics to paper. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t write funny. I try. I really do. But -___- yah, nothin’! I would love to be able to throw down a few paragraphs that make you laugh so hard you pee yourself, but I will settle for a soft, internal chuckle, a LOL, if you will.

What about you? What is that thing you wish you could do? But have to accept that yah–you’re not that person.



5 thoughts on “You Are SOO NOT Funny!

  1. I think you’re funny. If I thought about ALL the things I wish I could do, I’d get depressed. I wanted to be so much more .. so many different things .. and yet, I’m not. I am what I am. Sure – I can strive to improve different aspects of my life.. but I’ll never be a neurologist, or a brain surgeon, or any of those fun things. I don’t agree with the thinking that you should LOVE your job or you shouldn’t be doing it. If I loved my job, I’d lose my balance. I dislike a majority of the facets of my job, but I can still find satisfaction in it.. and it supports my family (my community) well. And that reminds me.. I guess I’m pretty good at stuff I never gave a lick of thought to “being good at” to be able to do this job.. whehter I like it or not. What the heck was I saying? I forget. Maybe one of those things I wish do to better is speaking clearly, and concisely.. hehe.

  2. I wish I could sing! When I was little, I longed so much for that talent, and tried out for solos in all the school musicals. One day, during my audition, the drama director started laughing and said “Oh, Ann, you can’t sing.” I was heartbroken, but she was right. 🙂 I still sing at the top of my lungs in the car, fantasizing that someday I will wake up with a voice like Beyonce and just blow people away.

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