Shameless Begging

So this is me, being shamless, and begging. Well, I’m not begging YET…but I will if I have to. I am not proud.

On Wednesdays, Michael and I have started a Youth Group for kids in our neighborhood and friends our own kids go to school with! I can’t even begin to tell you how UHHHHH-MMMAAZZZIINNNGG it is! Thirsty kids, lost–seeking truth–seeking God! It’s well, UHHMMAAZZZIING! Have I mentioned that these kids are Amazing?!

We started at about 9 kids, and in 5 weeks, we’ve worked our way up to a steady attendance of 20! We are outgrowing my living room, my seating, and most importantly, my food budget!! We feed the kids everyweek–for that is the way to a teenagers heart, through their stomachs. Occassionally I have to purchase incentives like Candy, and prizes and such.

Michael and I live on a strict budget (haha, we don’t have a budget because we don’t have any money)! We have commited to following God’s lead, and have spent money out of pocket to provide everything, but it’s getting very costly! So here I am to shamelessly ask for donations from you.

Here are things you can donate to be a part of making our ministry grow:
Paper Products (plates, napkins, cups)
Candy (good stuff, like sour straws, and chocolate bars)
Gift Cards to Walmart or Sams
And we would realllllly love some beanbag chairs

We are spending anywhere from $60-85 per week! Anything you can contribute would be GREAT! Please comment if you are interested in donating, and we can make arrangements!

Thanks and blessings….Make your donations HERE!Β 


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