The Fear of the Canvas

Sometimes an artists greatest fear is a blank canvas. As it sits propped in front of them, paint brush in hand, the anxiety of making that first brush stoke can cripple them, even to the point of not being able to paint for days. The same goes for writing. A simple sentence can seem so debilitating that your keyboard quickly becomes your enemy, taunting you, telling you, “You can’t do it!” “You aren’t enough” “Why do you even bother?!” So as it is with a million other things in this world.

Parenthood, marriage, a new job, starting college. All of these new things, become canvases where you are allowed to determine the strokes. God doesn’t control us like some dictator or puppetmaster. He allows for creativity, growth and mistakes. Often times it is our mistakes that perpetuates growth. And it is our creativity that can lead to mistakes.

The idea is that in the Bible, God stated Do Not Fear, or Don’t be Afraid 365 times, once per day. I haven’t actually counted myself so I’m not sure if that is true, but it’s a good thought, knowing that God understands the fear of being creative. Afterall, HE is THE Greatest Creator.

I think of this often when I search the beauty of trees. God’s brush stroked every leaf, every branch, every root. He methodically, and purposefully created all that is beautiful, and expects us to do the same. God expects us to be creative. When we create, we identify with God as we first see Him in the Bible. We must not fear what our potential holds, or what our future holds.



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