Kids…I Had NO Idea


I have always considered myself a kids person.  My entire life I have loved kids, and 10 years in ministry serVing  kids and families has proven to be the calling that sticks, no matter how hard I try and fight it.

As my own kids have grown older, my territory has been enlarged, growing my own passion for teenagers. Recently I attended a Jesus Culture concert where we cried out to God SHOW ME YOUR HEART…SHOW ME YOUR WAYS…SHOW ME YOUR GLORY. Yes, that is what I needed…I knew God’s heart, but I needed HIS ways so He could be glorified.

Right now I am with 9,000 teenagers seeking after God, 15 from my own student group.  During worship I was surrounded in a sea of vulnerability, hands raised, voices shouting to,the LORD and God showed me clearly, I barely have a glimpse of God’s heart for this upcoming, lost generation.

My heart must break even more than it has this weekend for these kids who are consumed with self in order for me to even begin to understand His ways.

No matter what I have known about kids, God has shown me his deep, compassionate love for a generation who is under more of the enemies arsenal than ever.

Thank you God for showing me a glimpse of your heart!


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