Jesus Is A Woman

The last few weeks have been very trying for me. So much has happened in me, in my life, in my marriage, in ministry. I get so overwhelmed, I just need to rest in HIM, but dont often know how.

The other day I just laid across my bed and asked Jesus where he was…. I immediately was transported back to fond memories of sitting on my grandmother’s lap. She was always so comforting and gentle. She would rock me and sing to me, playing with my hair. No matter what, that was the safest place on earth for me as a child.

In fact, even into adulthood, I climbed on her lap and she would giggle as she rocked me and I rested my head on her shoulder. As she got older, and more feeble, I would just sit at the side of her feet and lay my head on her lap. There, she comforted me and soothed me, never asking what was wrong with me or why I needed her. She was just content in being there for me, knowing that my struggles would soon be forgotten. i was content knowing I never had to explain myself, I could just be myself.

Jesus is that woman to me in my times of despair or struggle. He shows me the tender side of himself through my memories of a grandmother who was my refuge. When I was a child, I needed that comfort, and now, I must depend on what I know to be true about Christ and his tender, compassionate love for me.

I believe that in some of my most confusing moments, Jesus takes on tenderness only found in a woman.



8 thoughts on “Jesus Is A Woman

  1. I think it is a testament to our fallen world that such an attribute is now associated only with women. Jesus often displayed tenderness around His followers, such as when His friend Lazarus died or when He saw the sadness in His mother’s eyes as He hung on the cross, that all people, men and women alike, are supposed to emulate. The most amazing thing about Christ’s tenderness, though, is that in those moments He was also in the process of doing something majestic! As He wept for Lazarus, He was preparing to raise him from the grave. As He asked John to take care of Him mom, He was dying to remove her death sentence and ours. So, yes, I agree with you, but believe that is not how it was meant to be. And I am thankful that in our downtrodden, sinful state, God still finds ways to show us His tenderness. Praise Jesus!

    1. Yes, and personally God has shown me such tenderness through my husband as well. For me, though, it is more difficult to embrace it from him for numerous reasons… I am a work in progress, thankful for His grace and patience as I grow.

  2. I hear your heart. I’ve been there. Many times. I miss the strong and unconditionally loving arms of my mother, who used to hold me long and tenderly–no matter what age I was.

    My grandson Aidan proudly claims, “Jesus is my heart,” just as I know Jesus is in mine. That would make Jesus totally masculine and totally feminine, and totally what each of us need in that moment. I’ve crawled into God’s lap many a time, where I’ve found refuge, safety, and security until I found the strength to move again. It’s a soft, familiar place of amazing renewal and resurrection.

    My prayer for you is, whatever struggles you have, that you are in that same soft, familiar, and feminine place right now. And God is adoring every minute of it. Peace be with you, my friend.

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