Disgusting and Disheartening

I have become a fly on the wall. I hear the inner workings of the hearts of people and at times, it’s a blessing that God reveals these depths to me, but at other times, it’s a curse.

I hear the cries of the hearts of a generation desperate for love and attention. They just want to be heard, they just want to be acknowledged. Most of them, if not all, have some skewed perspective of this world and the relationships God created us for.

Over the last week I’ve heard:

:: That’s why I hate parents, they just want to get in our business.

:: Don’t let love change who you really are.

:: My mom took us to church on Easter, there were “honeys” everywhere wanting me.

:: You only live once, so why not do whatever makes you feel good.

So many lies embedded in our kids minds. And the disgusting, disheartening, frustrating thing is–there is nothing out there to combat the lies. Parents have walked away from the challenging of raising a majority of our generation. Most of the kids I’m in contact with have parents who are completely uninvolved in their lives.

One child was left on his own for two days, unable to reach his mom. She did not call or try to contact him to ensure his safety, she did not return his calls, she did not take any responsibility for him. He struggles with his grades, and respecting her. He struggles with follow through and commitment. She gave up on him, and he knows this….

Who else has been given up on? Maybe you, and so it makes it impossible to truly care about the kids around you. Your own kids are enough to handle, so how can you be responsible for “raising” someone elses.

HARD TRUTH: If you, the light of Christ, is not taking responsiblity for the lost kids, no one will. It’s not just my job because I have some divine passion, it’s all of ours. They may not be your children, but they are God’s. We are called to love what he loves.

Step up, combat the lies of the world. Be the truth. Show love.


4 thoughts on “Disgusting and Disheartening

  1. It’s so true, Tiffany. So many parents are disconnected/disjointed from their children. Parents are too busy living their own life, handling their own problems, & often see children’s needs as an inconvenience. Life is rushed, selfish & demanding. We need to pray for the parents of our children, especially for those who are single parents.

    1. It is crazy Connie how kids quickly turn from blessing to burden. I dont think parents realllllly know what they get into by having kids. But the enemy is a distracter and does a good at it in regards to parents and kids!

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