Blame It On Disney

“96% of teenage relationships DO NOT end up in marriage”

Are you surprised? I remember being a teenager and thinking that every guy I dated was “the one”. He was going to be the guy that was going to sweep me off my feet, that was going to rescue me.

I recently asked a group of teenagers where they learned about dating and relationships. Quickly I heard, “my parents, my family, my aunt, my older brother.”

One young girl, in her wisdom-beyond-her-years answered, “Disney.”

Disney has infiltrated our young girls minds and given them false ideas of what relationships really are about. Cinderella is looking to be rescued from her horrible life (which must be why she was my favorite). Snow white got tired of living with the dwarfs, sleeping beauty needed a man to bring her back to life, even the modern-day tales like Enchanted are about finding true loves kiss.

In and of themselves, they seem harmless. But partnered with 16 and Pregnant, the ridiculousness of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians–not to mention the Real Housewives–honey those Housewives are anything but real–Disney, BRAVO, E!, and every other TV channel is doing a grave disservice to our youth. While attempting to entertain, they are subliminally teaching our kids about relationships.

Beyond dating and marriage, our kids and youth have no idea what it means to be in relationships. They don’t know what it means to resolve conflict, in fact they would sooner forfeit a friendship then work through issues. They are almost incapable of enjoying their highschool years, living in constant fear of not being able to have a boy/girlfriend.

If the media is teaching them everything wrong about relationships–and kids spend approximately 5 hours a day in front of the TV, (time spent 2nd to sleeping)–and you might take your kids to church three times a month (so that gives them maybe 3 hours a month of Biblical teaching)..who is teaching your kids? Are you?

Are you modeling healthy relationships for your kids?
Are you talking to them about Boundaries?
Are you starting discussions about peer pressure, including the pressure to be sexually active?
Are you over protecting your children REFUSING to talk about the realties of opposite sex relationships out of fear you may do more harm than good?

Reality check–kids are influenced, and have questions…if you aren’t going to talk to them, who will?

Not Disney!



5 thoughts on “Blame It On Disney

  1. That is why it is good to keep kids to “Kiss Dating Good-bye” ala Josh Harris’ book. Teen dating prepares kids more for divorce (the string of break-ups) than it does for Godly relationships. If we teach our children that sex is for marriage only, why then do we want to let them be in relationships at early ages, where their hormones will have no God-sanctioned outlet and lead them into temptation? If we tell them they can trust God with their life, we should make sure they know they can trust Him with their WHOLE life – that includes the choice of their future spouse – they don’t need to go “shopping” and they don’t need another person to be “whole”. As the mom of a 21 year old, an 18 year old, and a 15 year old, none of whom have ever dated, it is possible! They have healthy friendships with kids of the opposite sex and are following God’s plan for their lives, with confidence He will bring their spouse to them at the proper time. We have spent their teen years talking openly about the world’s lies, the promises of God’s Word and His plan for sex and relationships – they know they can ask anything and we’ll all find the answer in God’s Word.

    1. Thanks Kathy–Michael and I are leading a teen youth group on Weds of very lost kids who all told me last night that it’s okay to have sex before you are married if you really love that person…and that once you do have sex you don’t have to feel obligated to the relationship. For the first time EVER I think some of these kids actually heard the truth about sex before marriage! Our world is infiltrated with the ugliness of evil, and kids are sooo blinded to God’s truth! Blessings.

      1. Wow! Will defintely be praying for those kids – maybe you want to use the Josh Harris book as a resource – it has great thoughts on true purity! Where is the group at? Will keep you in prayer for that! Blessings!

  2. This is the reason we wrote “The Princess Parables” published by Zonderkidz. It is a character rich series based on Jesus’ parables. Five Disney-esque princesses to steal the heart of your girls BEFORE they discover Disney. The next three in the series are out in May of this year with the I Can Read Series out at the end of the year. See for more information. Support us and they will make a DVD, dolls, etc. so we can really take on Disney. Completely God’s idea from start to finish!

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