How to Bounce Back

Yesterday my youngest was so utterly upset with one of the neighborhood kids.  During a disagreement, Zac was called a baby, repeatedly, and that didn’t set well with my almost 5 foot 7 year old.  In the aftermath, arguably my most dramatic child, Zac claims that he will never be able to play outside EVER AGAIN.  That he will NEVER EVER have friends in the neighborhood.  That he will have to stay inside the house FOREVER because of this infantile disagreement.

I just breathe and say, “that would be a bummer” and then go about my business.

Present day…

“Hey mom, can my friend come in.  We made out!”

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“Well, we didn’t make out,” with a grin, “we apol…we said we were sorry.”

“Oh ok, so you’re friends again?” I asked

“Well, of course!” Zac replied.

I didn’t have any doubt that they would quickly make up.  I see this all over the neighborhood all the time.  The first fight Zac got into in the neighborhood was with a kid he stuck up for in a fight a few weeks later.  That’s just what kids do.

They easily forgive, without holding a grudge.  They suspect the best in each other, genuinely desiring to make amends.  Kids are able to see the value in their friendships, and understand the great loss that would be felt if that friendship was lost.   With that, kids have more fun, they laugh and smile more, they engage more.  The live more.

If only we could learn to forgive so easily, wanting to give our best to others.  If only we could be willing to be understanding to others, and value who people are, not just what they have to offer.  If only we could bounce back like kids do…then maybe we could live a little more.

How about you?  Do you bounce back easily, or are you a grudge-holder?


2 thoughts on “How to Bounce Back

  1. It must be Holy Spirit timing. I start a series on forgiveness this Sunday. If kids naturally forgive easily and don’t hold grudges, it makes me wonder if forgiveness is natural and unforgiveness is a learned trait. Maybe unforgiveness, like being self-conscious, is something we grow into as adults. I don’t know. But you sure got me thinking. Thanks.

    1. What are the list of things that we LEARN as we grow older that are detriments to our relationship with Christ, and our living out who Christ is in our lives? Having the faith of a child encompasses sooo much more than just an innocent trust in Christ to gain His Kingdom. I think those words of Jesus have been massively under-rated. I’m praying for Holy Spirit revelation, please share with me when you gain another gray hair wisdom.

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