SPLAT: You Just Hit A Wall

There is this magic number when you are planting a church–where actually there are several–but one that is especially significant.  It is a do or die number.  When your attendance hits this special number consistently, you know that you have hit a wall.  A tall wall, a mighty fortress, one that must be scaled with precision, or you may just be stuck on the wrong side without food or water.  This wall–or this this number — is 100.  When building a church, you must be able to break this attendance, or you must face the possibility that in fact, you may not be able to “do” any longer, and the latter of that saying may be your fate.

At our church, we are scaling our wall, and it is hard.  It is frustrating and flat discouraging at times. But as I was thinking about this concept, I realize that there are walls in almost every other area of our lives.  In marriage, some say the 7th year is a wall year.  In parenting, I have found the odd-aged years of my kids have been the most challenging–3,5,7,9…  In school, it was my 11th grade year, when I fell off the wall and crashed hard, taking years to recuperate.

The hard truth is: we will always hit a wall.  When we are standing there, looking at the huge task ahead we have a few choices:

  1. We can try and figure out what to do next.
  2. We can pretend to try, but secretly blame the wall and whoever put it there.
  3. We can give up.

Chances are, we choose the first, then in our frustrations, move to the second, until eventually we find ourselves on the verge of the third.

God calls us to be still.  God calls us to put on our armor.  God calls us to pray.  God calls us to blow our horns, to live in a constant state of worship.

It sounds good, and we know it’s right, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.  Building a church, your marriage, your children, your own relationship with God or D. all of the above, will all prove to be the greatest mountain at some point in your life.  I have been there and God conquered great feats in my life.   So as I am here again,  SPLAT, flat against the wall in more than one area in my life, I just encourage you to not give up.  Because there is a promise, made by the greatest Promise Maker, that will be worth it.



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