No One Cares How You Look

I am so glad that summer is here in Florida. I know some states are just absorbing the coming of Spring, but in Florida, we are at the pool and the beach, soaking in the sun while being cooled by the tropical breeze. Jealous yet?

I love taking my kids, and every other kid in the neighborhood, to the pool. There’s something about the water that transforms these gremlins into lovable little creatures. I like to just lay and shut my eyes while listening to the sounds of kids. At the pool kids don’t need video games to entertain them. Their creativity soars in the creation of new games, that triggers laughter and arguments–each teaching them the complexity of friendships.

It’s a beautiful thing to experience children as they should be, free to explore and invent and to be themselves. No one cares what you look like or if your the coolest. Everyone wants to play and is invited to play Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows.

There is just something about the water….

What’s your favorite thing about the Summer?!



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