The Shortest Distance

My kitchen has a bar that opens up to our family room.  The bar is the place where I put candles or cookie jars or maybe even flowers when I get them from my husband.  The bar is the place where my children put their cups.  And it drives me absolutely INSANE.  Their cups are often filled with some red color punch that inevitably they spill or dribble.  Their cups sweat and leave rings on the bar that they never clean up–surprise, surprise.

All I ask is that they move their cups off the bar and place them on the counter in the kitchen, next to the paper towels, approximately 6-8 inches away.  It’s like there is a force field around the bar that keeps their cups and prevents any logic, or obedience for that matter to keep their cups in the KKKKIIIITTTCHHHHEEEENNNNN!!!!

I figured if they could just OBEY and do what I ask, eventually it will become part of who they are–almost a part of their DNA and they too themselves would find that they will become just as frustrated if someone leaves a glass on the bar.

So it is with God.  As followers of Christ, of a Father who loves and cares for us, we have lots of head knowledge of what is true, and right, but so often we can’t move that knowledge the shortest distance between our heads and our hearts.  Believing something in our heart is what will allow true life change.  And sometimes, it takes a small act of obedience to God for that head knowledge to someday become part of who we are.

Move your glass, be willing to submit to the Father and his truth for your life.  What he has for you means so much more than just a glass sitting on a bar.  It means freedom and joy, it means love and hope, it means everything.

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!


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