Like Willows by the Watercourses

This past weekend I spent some amazing girl time in Miami @ the Miami Vineyard Refreshing myself with some teaching and worship!  I was blessed to take a co-hort, and crazy (did I mention CRAAAZZZYYY) friend/sister-in-christ/youth-leader–my amazing daughter and another student who feels called to full time ministry @ 14!  Yes–14.

I don’t know why I still find my jaw at the floor when God moves and breathes and lives and speaks.  In my ignorance, I marvel at Him, like a child marvels at the magic of Disney.  I found myself distracted and caught up in the frenzy of conferences.  As a speaker, I LOVE conferences.  The excitement, and hope in the faces of all who come looking for God.  It’s an adrenaline rush for me.  But at this one, I also found myself comparing, and regretting and totally frustrated with myself for not doing more, not being more.  Then Jesus….

He met me and told me to just focus on Him, that he had something to share with me.  And in reluctant obedience, I said no to the flesh and I’m so glad I did.


During worship God sent me to my Bible and he gave me this:

Fear Not…For I will pour water on Him who is thirsty ( that would be me!)  And floods on the dry ground (that would be me!) 

(and wait for it…because here it comes)  I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your offspring; They will spring up among the grass, like willows by the watercourses.

One will say, I am the Lord’s’; Another will call himself by the name of Jacob, Another will write with his hand, “The Lord’s’ And name himself by the name of Israel …

You see, I have this reputation as a Youth Leader and Children’s Ministry Leader–it’s the endearing title of MOM.  (Like I don’t have enough of my own kids with the five I have to feed.) But as those words from Isaiah 44 came to life, I knew that God was going to claim the lives of all my ministry offspring–all of the kids that I have the privilege of sharing God’s love with.  And this is what they will know:

The LORD is the King of Israel

HE is the Reedemer and the LORD of Hosts

He is the Great I AM

Jesus is the First and the Last

They will forever know that:

Besides God, there is NO God

Each of them are called to witness to His amazing Love

That there is no other Rock–none other to lay a foundation on.

He makes all things

He frustrates evil

He builds up His people

He is their Shepherd!


What is your barrier today?  Has something intercepted your understanding? Are your eyes shut so that you cannot see?  Are you’re hearts closed so that you cannot understand?

Share with me what God is saying to you…I would love to hear!


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