A Letter

Dear Sister, or Niece, or Aunt, Cousin, Friend, or … perhaps even  You,

I am writing this letter to you because my heart is burdened by what is happening to you.  I am going to speak to you directly and as lovingly as possible.  You may not like what I have to say, but I feel I must speak the words to you that people whisper behind your back.  I am willing to take the consequence if only you would consider, even if for a moment, the great love that is waiting for you.

I know that you are having fun, I know that you think that your choices are harmless and do not mean much, or may not have much consequence to follow.  Maybe even you’ve convinced yourself that what you are doing is “good” or “right” or even “noble.” But you will soon learn the deep impact on your spirit of your willingness to allow the world dictate your choices, your dreams and your future.

I fear that you are so numb to the damage that is daily being done to you that, even in this moment right now you are saying, “This letter is not for me!”  But I ask you to read on, and consider, what if…

There are things that you do that are deepening already opened wounds, causing so much hurt that it will take a miracle to for them to heal.

Your drinking.

Your choices to move from relationship to relationship with men that have no character or value.

Your neglect of you personal health.

Your neglect of your deep wounds.

The denial of hurtful things that have happened to you.

Your unwillingness to go deep in your spirit.

Your desire to live in the chaos of trying to be “cool” .

Your pride.

Hiding behind your children.

Burying yourself in your work.

Your hard heart to the love and wisdom that people try to share with you.

It’s like I had a handful of envelopes and offered for you to pick one, promising that whatever was in that package would fulfill everything that you need in this life and beyond.  And you choose the one on the left, or maybe even the right.  You hold it up to the light to see if you can catch of glimpse of the secret to your eternal bliss.  Your heart races, you slowly tear open the envelope only to find…


So I offer you to take another.  This time, this time for sure it will hold all that you need.  You hold your breath, you open it…


So you take another, and another and another…


The anticipation you bask in for your daily rituals to be life changing have nothing for you.  You can choose 10, or 100, or a million different envelops of any shape or size and still nothing.  And all the while you are leaving your needs behind, your family at arm’s length, as your relationships fall apart as you become more fixated on finding another envelope–another false promise.

So often we focus on the possibility of gaining something–or the gift–and forget who exactly is the giver.

The envelopes you are taking right now are not from a giver who cares, but rather from someone who is experiencing a sick sense of pleasure from your constant disappointment.

I offer you something new. Something real.  It is a deep love, that will never leave you, like that last guy did.  It is an unexplained joy that is like no other buzz.  It is the softness of a whisper that can melt your hardness.  It is the forgiveness you so need but are unwillingly to give to others.  It is the Courage to explore the depths of your human-ness, even when you are terrified.

It is One, who loves so deeply, so passionately that when His light shines on all you are doing in your life now, you will see for the first time, what it means to no longer live in darkness.

He loves you.  He wants a better life for you–one that you can not attain by your own will or your own doing.  Whatever that part of your life is that needs something more, he is ready to offer you an envelope–a gift–that will not leave you empty or disappointed.

Take it from HIM.  You won’t regret it.

I love you and I am praying for you.  I hope to hear from you soon!




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