Missing Perfection

A few weeks ago I was walking the PUG.  The weather in Florida is pretty perfect, I think I’ve mentioned before.  As I was trying to give the PUG her privacy to do her business, I spotted this perfect little leaf laying in a bed of grass.  I was going to snap a photo for you but forgot my phone, so I just picked it up and put it in my hoodie pocket knowing I would blog about it soon enough.  I laid the leaf next to a stack of books as a reminder to write.

I’ve been thinking about how we are called to produce perfect fruits in our life.  If we are connected by our roots to Christ, he will allow perfect little leafs to fall into beds of grass.  Our lives will blow the power of the Spirit into the place that needs it the most.  My neighbor may need the fruits of my relationship with Christ, or my daughter, or the lady weeping to me on Sunday morning after church.  If I do my part by rooting myself in Christ, HE will do His part by ensuring that the leaves from my branches land exactly where they should.

I let that leaf I picked up on my PUG walk lay untouched a bit too long.  It dried up, and wilted a bit, withering on its edges.  We must act in perfect harmony with Christ in order to do something with his movement of the spirit, lest we too have dried up fruit that is still fruit but not as effective.  When we don’t work alongside God and use our gifts and heed to his spirit, we miss the perfection of what he is doing.   We then rely on what we think, or how we want things to be accomplished instead of going with the wind in the direction the leaf is blowing.

Don’t miss out on the perfection of what Christ is doing in your life and through your life.  This week, root yourself in Him and then just ride the breeze.

Have you had a missed opportunity? !


One thought on “Missing Perfection

  1. Over a month ago I missed out a chance to pray with a man that had an advanced terminal stage of cancer. He knew the Lord and that he was gone to die soon.I could see on his face at the time that he loved life and was going to miss his family. Because of a work related situation I did not pray with him at that time. During the passing weeks I set out on a purpose to find him and pray with him. God has set a fire in me in the past month to do his will. I would like to share that I found this man tonight and told him what was in my heart and what God wanted me to tell him. He received my words with a thankful smile and I went back to work. We all have a purpose. Thank you TJ for sharing your purpose.

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