I Have A … Nightmare?!

My entire life I’ve struggled with bad dreams. It’s really unpredicatable and ruins my sleep, leaving me disappointed and tired. It’s like this: you go to the box office and purchase a movie ticket to see a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. You find your seats, start munching your popcorn, only to hear the doors lock and a screening of Saw 97 showing in your theatre. You can’t get out, and even if you shut your ears, the horror doesn’t go away.

Last night was no exception. I’m use to praying away the bad dreams, but months ago, when my husband told me that God visits him in dreams all the time, I decided that I’m not just going to pray the bad dreams away, but I’m going to invite God to be a part of my dreams. If I’m not going to get into a deep enough sleep anyway, I might as well be talking to God.

So I do that regularly now, and He did, He showed up. Last night, the first part of my dream was nothing but Wes Craven, and then suddenly, I was visited by the presence of God. He took the horror of my slumber and turned it into something peaceful and hopeful.

This morning I woke up knowing that God is ever present and always caring for me. I also woke up with a ministry idea. A way to bless young girls, and show them who they are in Christ. I’m excited about what that could look like and even more excited that I can commit all my dreams to the Lord. In my slumber and while I’m awake, somehow he intertwines his glory of the calling He has on my life and the deepest desires of my heart.

He desires to do the same for you, all you have to do is give him an invitation.

Does God speak to you in visions and dreams? Share with me!!


One thought on “I Have A … Nightmare?!

  1. Thank you for this. I have been having dreams and dreams just scattered all over the place and this morning, I got annoyed with all this dreams and nothing tangible. I guess it is time I called in God to come in..what a perfect timing for me to find this.
    My name is grace and my blog is at esteemgirls.com..it is about building self-esteem in girls.I am glad to have found your site and yes I am bookmarking it.
    Thanks and be blessed.

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