Human Trafficking: From Awareness to Action

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Most people think that Human Trafficking is something of the past or of foreign countries.  The realities are grim, and often in your own backyard, affecting the emotionally poverty-stricken comfortable world we like to call the United States of America.

We shake our heads, and get that nasty, yucky gut wrenching feeling–you know the one you have in your stomach right now when you think of those scenes from the movie Taken.  Unfortunately those scenes are a reality, and those preyed upon in the US are those who are young and in desperate need of emotional connection–a sense of belonging.

Human Trafficking isn’t some big rich man sin, it’s an epidemic amid street gangs and anyone looking to make a quick buck.  We’ve always had sex slavery and we’ve named her a prostitute with a pimp.  But the Devil’s games have gotten uglier and he is targeting your children.

The way  I see it is this — If we can have a breakdown in the family system, where parents are too busy to truly spend time with their children , then the children look for those adult connections elsewhere.  Or if mom and dad just don’t love each other anymore, well, the kids are living between two households, often out of a backpack, shuffled like a deck of cards, and left to deal with their own heartbreak of the divorce.

And then there is the freedom to be sexual in whichever way “feels” right, because after all you only live once.  And so moms and dads don’t teach what sex is really all about, and kids are left with their own imaginations, and the propaganda that sells TV shows and magazines.  I’m not talking about shoving “DON’T HAVE SEX UNTIL YOUR MARRIED” down your kids throats.  I’m talking about teaching sex from the perspective of self-respect, honor, tenderness, connection, covenant.  But the problem with that is, most parents are not abiding by those morals for themselves.  And it takes a commitment to actually instill a value in your children, it doesn’t happen overnight.

How can you turn your awareness of this growing epidemic of trading people as sex slaves into action?  I’m so glad you asked.  Here is what I think:

::Start with yourself.  Are you contributing to the problem with your own porn addiction?  Are you passive about what your kids are exposed to, because behind your locked bedroom door, you will willingly be a part of anything that feels good?  Do you have a healthy and God-ly perspective of sex?

:: Talk to your kids.  Start conversations with your children about things that have to do with purity and sex.  Ask them what they think about the growing trend of homosexuality.  Talk to them about why they think the things they do.  Walk with them when they take the dog out.  Hold their hand when you are driving.  Pull them on your lap and hug them.

::If you have mature teenagers, tell them what Human Trafficking is.  Hiding our kids from the ways of the enemy doesn’t make them wiser, or even protect them.  In war, you must know the way your enemy attacks in order to win the battle.  With healthy boundaries and conversations, you can safely allow your children to be in the world without letting them be a part of it.

The way to prevent trafficking in the future is by arming our new generation with strong connections to family and to God.  Stopping Human Trafficking isn’t just about hunting down the brothels and catching the bad guys.  It’s about a complete shift in the way we as a people think  about sex and accept about sexual relationships.  You can make a difference just by loving your kids, showing them healthy boundaries, and not leaving them emotionally disconnected.

Have you talked to your teenager about Trafficking?

Can you see how building connections with your kids can make a difference?


One thought on “Human Trafficking: From Awareness to Action

  1. Great post TJ,
    In the evil world of human trafficking sexual abuse happens to be the leading motivator for this horrible crime. In many cities in America there bad men known as PIMPS training young boys how to become pimps, just as most fathers teach their son to play baseball. I agree that the family has to make changes pleasing to GOD. Let’s all help stop human trafficking and abuse in the world one family and child at a time.

    Ephesians 6:4
    Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

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