I Once Was

If you know me at all, you know I’m a BIG fan of the sunshine, warm weather and flip flop season!  Florida serves me well, except those few days a year when it hits a low of 48 or so. But someday, I will make it up to the northeast so that I can experience the change in seasons.

The beauty of the process of change is something that I am addicted to, and why I know there is a God.  Just like He makes his trees change in color, shedding their old self to make way for new life, we too are his ever changing creation.   We normally fight change, we want things to stay the same–to be hot all year, or for our kids to stay little, or our marriages to be the same as they were when we first fell in love.  But God is in the business of pruning and refining and re-writing.

I am reminded of this in my own life, how I once was, but now I am.  I once was a liar, but now am a seeker of the truth.  I once was a thief but now give to those in need.  I once lived in constant fear but now live with great faith.  I once was blind, but now I see.

The process is not always beautiful. The trees in the dead of winter are barren, reflecting the passing of life, but yet they still live, standing firm, waiting on their creator to bring them into full bloom of a new season.  As we should also.  Rather barren or fruitful, we are to embrace the season of life we are in, with great Hope in the Perfecter of our ever changing seasons.

And know that if you put yourself in season of Winter, there is a God who cares about you more than any of his other creation, and he will restore your branches into something beautiful and fruitful.  [#Grace]

How has God changed you?  You once were….and now you are …. ?  I love to see the changing of people, comment and share with me!


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