I’ve been pondering all morning what to blog about today.  Even as I type this sentence I’m not quite sure where this post is going to end up.  But that is the joy of writing.  I just deleted the sentence I wrote because it sounded forced and so over intelligent it seemed fake.  I digress….

When I first started writing I did it for the possibility that one day I would be a well-known, perhaps even famous author.  I’ve always liked to write, I remember as young as 1st grade embracing our English projects.  I knew by my freshman year of highschool that I was a decent writer when my words brought someone to tears–yah, it was my mom, so what!?! My essay took her back to my earliest of days and it made her remember.  I knew that writing could evoke emotion, bring conviction and change someone’s life.  It had for me, and I wanted to be the catalyst for that in someone else’s life.

Four years ago or so I started my first blog ( Every Season Under Heaven ) .  It was basically an online journal of how God was working in my life.  Not very many people read it–but it made an impact.  When God would show me that he was using my writing, even for just one person, I was hooked.  I still wanted 100,000 hits a day, but found myself content with 5 (none of which were my family, may I add–I have rough and tumble brothers, they don’t read much!)

Sometimes I struggle with writing on my blog because I wonder if anyone ACTUALLY reads it or gets something from it.  This isn’t some shameless ploy to get you to comment or tell me how helpful my words are, it’s just truth.  But in the process of learning the process of writing, I’m accepting that my writing isn’t really about you–it’s about God perfecting a work in me.

You see, I HATE process, and I HATE finishing things.  My writing is just another tool in God’s toolbox that he uses to bring me into complete dependence on Him, total gratefulness for my gift, with the possibility that someone out there might just think about Him for a moment–like hopefully you are doing right now.

So even if I hear crickets when I tell the punch line, I will keep pecking away at one of my three keyboards, because it’s all about Him–not you or me.

Does God use any of your gifts/talents to show you that it’s not about you?!


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