Feed Your Soldiers!

I’m committed to a fasting for the month of January.  We are out of food that I can eat, and Michael was off to work in the car.  I was going to be home all day rationing my last banana and eating my 900th potato.  About 30 minutes after he left I heard someone at the door.  My attack pug, Precious, didn’t move or even stop snoring for that matter, so I traipsed downstairs only to find him with his hands full of grocery bags.

As he unloaded them he happily described his finds for me that fit within my diet.  Strawberries, bananas, broccoli, apples, bran.  I love him.  He’s so good to me, undeseveredly I may add.

“I go all over the world making sure my soldiers are fed!”   That was what my husband told me this morning as he walked out the door looking HOT in his uniform, if I may say so myself!

I thought about his comment and how it’s not everyone’s consideration to make sure our soldiers are fed.  Your soldiers could be:

Your Family

Your Congregants

Your Children

Your Employees

Everyone is leading someone, and everyone is led by someone.  We may not have great leadership over us, but that does not excuse our responsibility to lead those under us well.  Our soldiers are dying to be led well.   They need to know that you have their back, that you will take care of their needs if they can’t do it for themselves.  They need to know that you are willing to sacrifice to do what is right and in their best interest.  They need to be prayed for, and communicated with. your soldiers need to know about the one who leads YOU, namely God!

I may make my kids a meal, but do I sit with them and ask them about their day.

I could schedule my volunteers, but never ask them how their life is going.

I might say Hello to every employee as I walk into  my office to shut the door behind me, but did I actually hear their response?

You need to feed your soldiers!  How are you gonna do that this weekend?!





2 thoughts on “Feed Your Soldiers!

  1. Tiffany,
    What great insight! Thank you. I am new to your blog and I love it. It is such a blessing to fellowship with Christian sisters. Since, I am a dog lover, (can you tell?) I can totally relate to pug’s response in terms of not being bothered. Isabel is bored out of her mind because we have construction going on in the backyard, meanwhile, Stastny has drifted off to Dreamland.

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