Triumph and Disaster

The new year normally brings reflection and resolutions.  We take our time to reflect on the past year.  We resolve to do things differently– bad habits to break, healthy habits to begin.  I shall jump on that bandwagon, you are welcome to ride along.

REFLECTIONS :  The Triumphs and Disasters 

I have become even more passionate about writing and God’s call on my life.

I mistakenly took on a few projects that I will never pursue again.

God has deepened my respect and love for my husband.

Grief over took me when I realized I could not have any more children.

I learned that my first ministry is to my family.

I worried too much about money.

I made new friends.

I let some friends go.

Although it is still a work in progress, I am leaving envy and jealousy behind.

I am acutely aware of my fears and how they stop me from accomplishing all that God has for me.

With every passing year, I just miss my grandmother more.

God brought much needed healing into my life.


RESOLUTIONS : To Live in Triumph and Avoid Some Disasters 

Fast for the first month of the year.  (Day 3 accomplished!)

Purpose to assist my children in becoming passionate about their relationship with Christ.

Take my husband on more dates.

Go away by myself for times of spiritual and physical renewal.

Pray through ministry opportunities without consideration of finances.

Start praising God for who is.

Pay attention to the needs of strangers.

Stop living as if I can do everything myself.


And you?  Would love to hear what you’ve learned and your goals.


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