The New Year Brings an Ugly Word!

Happy New Year!  I have been so consumed with Christmas that nothing else has seemed to matter, not even my writing.  I have missed writing, I have missed connecting with you, but I am looking forward to the new year and what God has in store.

Not so sure I am exactly happy about what God has been impressing on my heart.  Since the night I watched the movie The Nativity, I am continuously wrestling with the ugly word OBEDIENCE.
The greatness of the Christmas story swirls around this word, from baby to mother.  Jesus’ greatness is defined in his obedience to abdicate his glorious throne in heaven to become a servant.  Without Mary’s willingness to receive public ridicule and even stoning to her death you nor I would have the opportunity of immortality.
And what about Joseph?  He was a step dad to the Savior, and willing to Obediently accept the nonsense of immaculate conception, at the — of his reputation and future.
OBEDIENCE is not something I excel in.  I have struggled a lifetime of rebellion, self-importance and stubbornness.  In the words of my teenage daughter, on the flip-side, obedience requires a quiet spirit, and a heart filled with faith and trust in a God who always has your back.
I have a feeling that the new year is going to be filled with unhappy (and painstaking) moments of the process of maturity that is going to require complete obedience on my part, even when it does not make sense. I know in the end, it will reap a harvest of God’s glory shining in my life.  But until then, I will try to release the tight grip I have on my old self, so that the new self that God is creating in me won’t be such a painful birthing experience.
…obedience is better than sacrifice… I Samuel 15:22 
What is God showing you about the new year?  Obedience? Something even more difficult for you?  Comment and share with me, I would love to know!

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