Not in the Mood #ChristmasCrazy

Today I’m forcing myself to put up my Christmas tree.   I have no desire to put up my tree, while you and everybody else on my street has their twinkli-est lights in every bush, I have half mulched landscaping occupied by overgrown trees screaming for some holiday love.

As I walked this morning looking at all the ornaments strageically placed through front windows, and lawn cowboy Santas riding lawn bulls, all the million reasons why I just can’t get into Christmas this year.

::It’s 80 degrees outside.  I’m wearing flip-flops, shorts sleeves and had to turn on my a/c yesterday.

::My kids Christmas Wish Lists are ridiculously long and add up to about two years worth of salaries.

::I work at a church that borrows space and even on Sunday there is no glimpse of Christmas, not even with Christmas Carols during worship service.  

::Two years ago on Christmas day, my grandmother passed away.

I’m just not in the mood for all this #ChristmasCrazy. 




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