Everyone is already counting down until the BIG day of the year–Christmas!  Some of you are done shopping (and just so you know, the rest of us secretly hate you).  Some of you have your tree trimmed and tinsel hung (yep, hate you, too).  Some of you are baking thousands of cookies and preparing baskets, and making gifts and blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Christmas–just not how I loved it 20 years ago, or even 10.  For me the magic has been lost in the shuffle of consumerism.  The love and joyous-ness of the season has been drowned out by buy this, I want this, can’t wait to get this.

If Christmas could be simple.  If Christmas could not be CRAZY!  So I want to hear your Christmas Crazy stories–the one’s where someone hangs too many lights, or spends too much money.  The stories that slap you and I in the face to show us how something so beautiful, as the celebration of a life born to save humanity, turned into dreams of Elmo and arguments over whose house we will celebrate at this year.

Christmas has just gotten completely, out of control Crazy!  We might as well laugh about it!

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