God Was In This House

On Friday I began a journey down a road I had no idea where it traveled to. I took a leap of faith, me, my husband, two other “grown-ups” and 19 teenagers chose to not eat for 30 hours. We discovered the affects of hunger on our bodies, minds and spirits. We tried to identify with just one of the facets of poverty, learning what it meant to go hungry.

I was truly humbled by the commitment of these teenagers, who gave up their 3 day weekend to seek the Lord, I was even more humbled by the neighborhood riff-raff who joined in and learned something new about God and community. I was EVEN MORE humbled by the middle schooler who gave her life to Christ.

God was in this house.
God moved in these lives.
God will remain in their lives forever.

We learned about poverty, and felt the affects of not eating. By hour 18 we had a hard time concentrating, a difficult time communicating with each other and could not find energy to do much of anything. Even after breaking our fast, many of us didn’t even want a full meal–our stomachs aching and heads pounding, we didn’t really desire food.

My head was about to explode, and 19 kids saw the UGLY side of Ms. Tiffany with my starvation irritation. I laid down but could not sleep, I was consumed with pain and discomfort.

I can’t imagine being the child who wants
God in my house.
God to move in my life
God to be in my life forever.

Forever grateful for the opportunity NOT to eat. God is sooo good.

Want to donate to this cause:

Visit 30hourfamine.com
click Donate
Look up Tiffany Crawford and donate away!


One thought on “God Was In This House

  1. Great post, and so humbled by the witness and sacrifice of you all.
    What did you mean by “I can’t imagine being the child who…” – you can’t imagine being the hungry child (who is hungry on a regular basis) or you can’t imagine/never imagined/can’t believe that you actually did become a child (of God) who experienced those things?

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