RETRO: How To Be Fulfilled

Alyssa went and spent the day with a friend so, alas I was alone with my two boys. Needing to go to the bank, I offered to take the boys to lunch and the bookstore after. Sitting in Panda Express, Cody was happily opening one fortune cookie after another. Zach popped one open and it said “You will be showered with Good Fortune.” He immediately said “NO–I don’t like to take showers, I like to take baths.”

Cody corrected him and said, “NO it means you will have lots of money!” and then looking at me asked, “Mom wouldn’t YOU like to have lots of money?”
I replied, “No, I want YOU to have a lot of money so you can take care of me! You would take care of me, right?”
He laughed. I never got an answer. He just laughed. (Will he take care of me???)
I asked him, “So if you got 10 million bucks right now, what would be the first thing you would do?” He filled his mouth —or rather OVER filled his mouth—with food. Chewed and thought. Chewed and thought.
With a swallow he says, “I would give money to God first, of course!” I thought I would cry RIGHT THERE!! Of course—of course!!!
“And how much would you give him?” I asked.
“At least 10%!” says the wise 8 year old. AT least?! At least?! AT LEAST!
‘Then what would you do with your money?” I press on.
“Well, I would find a way to feed the homeless, for a really long time. Then I would take care of all my families’ bills, so they wouldn’t have to worry.” (WHEW! He WILL take care of me!)
He smiles his crooked, spaced out toothy grin. “Then, then…then….I could enjoy my life!”
After he gives God what’s his, saves the world and his family, he will enjoy his life. He gets it! He’s EIGHT YEARS OLD and he GETS IT!!!! God, others and then you will be fulfilled….
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