RETRO::Glory to Glory

I’ve really been thinking through the whole “SERVICE” thing, and how that has defined my life. I thought of all Christians, who are suppose to model the sacrificial servanthood of Christ but don’t. I think of the pillars of faith, who take and never give back. The calling to come forward, commit and give of yourself, but the lack of willingness to do so.

In this postmodern world, giving of self is against worldview. We are in a take society. “You deserve” “Treat Yourself” “Take Care of You” These are the messages we are fed over and over. At least 350 times a day we hear marketing propaganda that sends the message, “Satisfy Yourself”.

The message that we just need to commit and do it for God is, sadly, not enough. What’s missing?!?

In looking at my own life, and the cycle of exhaustion of serving, I too have missed the mark. The very essence of servanthood is “me doing something for you”. This is not an appealing ideal. But what if we accepted glory. Not OUR glory, but God’s glory.

In living and sharing the message of serving is where we fall short–of the glory of God. What if we encouraged, not just the commitment of serving God, but Isaiah 43:7: “Everyone who is called by name,…/I created for my glory.”

Every believer has an innate desire to know God face to face. Even if they seek to fulfill that in things other than Christ, it is the desire for Christ that they seek after. Glory is God’s face. It is HIM working IN you and through YOU.

Yes, there is obedience and necessary sacrifice in serving. But without teaching the real purpose of Glory, we are missing 1/2 of the message of servanthood. It’s like preaching the Gospel as fire insurance, without comprehension of the promise of John 10:10 “Abundant Life.”

Jesus serving us on the cross, was more than obedience. More than sacrifice. Jesus’ servanthood was about Glorifying the Father, so that WE could see the Living God in and through Jesus. Jesus is glory manifest.

From Glory to Glory: GLORY-Jesus in us, when we receive him as our savior TO GLORY-Living out a life of serving others to reveal God to others. GLORY TO GLORY.

I’ve served, and ran out. I’ve served and ran out. I’ve been in this cycle for years. But NOW I shall glorify, and never be tired of seeing the face of God.

How have you missed out on seeing God because the commitment of servanthood was so overwhelming? What experiences of the personal God are you missing right now because of the fear of prioritizing or not going to a little league game? It’s not about prioritizing…It’s about the GLORY of the Most High God!

I Corinthians 10:31 “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

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