Homecoming Queens

This past weekend was my daughter’s first homecoming.  We searched for the perfect dress and shoes, and then she found the perfect date…her boyfriend.

Friday night was the football game where she cheered, and we sat and watched the homecoming court be presented.  And in true Miss America gasping in surprise style, the homecoming queen was crowned, and everyone cheered….and then the homecoming king, and everyone clapped.  Then on to the third quarter.


Never crossed my mind that THIS was possible.  And most people aren’t giving a second thought to how this is shaping the future of our culture.  Most people will shake their head in disgust but won’t voice their thoughts or opinions, beliefs, morals or values.  Most people will just accept it.

I’m not like most people.

I’m certain there may be a person or two or two hundred out there that I would offend, but nowhere in this world or even in the Bible does it state that we deserve to live a life without offense.  Jesus himself was the biggest offender, for some of you reading this, His very name might offend you.  Regardless, I will say this:

I’m heartbroken at the direction this country is going regarding the acceptance of same sex relationships. I’m heartbroken at the fact that there are more and more and more and more and more young girls and boys struggling with sexual confusion because they are living a life disconnected, desiring love and acceptance and can find it now where except in the homosexual lifestyle.

After the dance, my daughter shared with me the lesbian couple who attended the dance.  One wearing a dress, one wearing a suit…spending a majority of their time in the bathroom with one another, putting lipstick on each other and giggling.

I’m saddened that the damaging affects of beginning an alternate lifestyle so young will leave a lifetime filled with hurt, disappointment and tremendous self-conflict.  My heart breaks for these two girls, for those who support it and for my children who will be influenced by lack of standards and truth.

The continued progression of acceptance of same sex relationships will affect our church as well–more specifically our student’s and children’s ministry.  Kids as young as 10 are discussing bi-sexual and homosexual issues they are faced with at school.  It is an influential and imperative time for moral development, that needs to stand on the platform of truth found only in Christ Jesus.

How is your student ministry or maybe even children’s ministry, handling same-sex and bi-sexual issues?


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