Trick or Treat Hangover

“More than 93% of children go trick-or-treating every year… Most family love Halloween. Right or wrong, there is something about October 31 that stirs the imagination of children and engages the hearts of parents.” -Reggie Joiner, Think Orange

My family loves Halloween–I LOVE Halloween! I love walking around, making kids feel special about their costumes, talking with the moms and dads about all the candy WE don’t want our kids to get. There is something about our common goal of the evening, the adventure of the journey that brings people who almost NEVER speak to each other, but sometimes talk ABOUT each other in togetherness. Even more so than Christmas–yes, yes, this critizied and pagan holiday brings people into connection even more so than the Birth of our Savior.

I had the chance to talk with several families, invite them to church, hand out cards about our church to alllll the trick-or-treaters–it was an amazing night of showing people the love of Christ. My family tried to be the light…the light God called us to be.

So I want to know what you think about Halloween. Do you turn off the lights and hide from the world? Do you leave the world and gather at your church with other believers or do you try to connect with the people in your neighborhood, showing them God’s love?





2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Hangover

    How do you feel about Church Halloween Festivals? Good idea? Bad idea? Why?

    Amber Foster I guess it depends what activities are there. I know one here in san antonio. They have a beautiful pumpkin patch gospel singers face painting. It was a wonderful peaceful environment.
    6 hours ago · Like

    Jill Ahr Cheatham Where in SA?
    5 hours ago · Like

    Katie Pruett I know we did them every year when I was a kid & I loved them! Of course, I never had to work one. But I think I’d be okay with working games…much better than walking around my neighborhood for a few hrs with house slippers on (part of my costume).
    5 hours ago · Like
    Tiffany Crawford Just festivals ingeneral, jill
    4 hours ago · Like

    Amber Foster A methodist church off mainland and tezel
    4 hours ago · Like

    Amber Foster What’s ur opinion Tiffany?
    4 hours ago · Like

    Jill Ahr Cheatham I think it sounds great! Although we have a really good time in my hood!
    2 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Paula Stanton I think it’s a fun alternative and chance for the kids to be creative, make costumes, have a party and eat candy. Like a fall harvest festival or Jewish Feast of Ingathering.
    about an hour ago · Like

    Katie Pruett Tiffany, we called ours a Harvest Party though.
    46 minutes ago · Like

    Kera Barrigar Its sooo funny becuase Jeremy just asked me this question in the car yesterday… He looks at me and goes , I didn’t think Churches celebrated Halloween LOL
    32 minutes ago · Like
    Tiffany Crawford I think it’s just more effective for Christians to stay in their communities and intentionally spread the love of Christ to neighbors. It’s the day out of the year people seem the most open and receptive to conversation and connection, so I think as the “light of the world” we should opportune-ize on it. I don’t know why Christians seem to want to be with just other Christians, it’s so counterproductive of the Great Commission. I am sad when Christians are the ones who turn out the lights and ignore what’s happening in the world–if we want things to change in our society we must be the ones who change it. Christianity has lost influence in America because Christians aren’t influencing when and where it is important!

    1. I think the festivals are great…but the same ingredience is at the festival as at home. Costumes, kids, candy and fun. While you and your brothers were growing up, we had our own festival right at the house. We met our neighbors, praised the kids for their great costume and handed out candy. So…not much difference in the festival and our gatherings. It seems that being a Christian influence in our neighborhoods may cause a light to go off in some pumpkin head.

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