RETRO :: A Time To Be Broke

Moving to Florida is (5) years of prayer answered. It is overwhelming to consider that we are actually moving this time…in God’s timing. As I share the news, the response of love and encouragement is overwhelming. I feel loved, for sure. But I will say there is one reaction that has troubled my soul. I live and breathe and serve in a Christ centered community, and out of all the Christians I shared my new endeavor with, most asked me a peculiar question: This is for more money, right?

First and foremost, this question prodded a soul search for me. I’ve discovered that perhaps I have failed in my pursuit for answers over the last 5 years. Perhaps, because I was so overwhelmed with our financial issues, I communicated the message that I serve money. If I ever gave that impression, I do apologize. Although money issues is the bull that stares me straight in the eyes and challenges my faith, I do not choose to serve the god of this world. I have served people for the glory of God.

Secondly, it disturbed me because out of all of those who follow the Lord, money was still at the forefront of their minds. As if we only move across country for the money, or make decisions based on finances FIRST. No one has yet to ask me: How did God reveal this to you? Or What has God asked you to do? Or Is this what God wants you to do? Isn’t that amazing. Although we don’t say it outright as a community of believers, the motivation of money is still at the forefronts of our minds.

No where does it say: a time to be rich, a time to be broke…because God doesn’t want us spending our lives anxious nor consumed about our financial situations. It was not important to Him to speak of the drastic ends of the financial spectrums. It is not our account balance he is concerned with, it is our hearts motivation that remains his primary concern.

Although I’m slow in this area, I am reconciling my faith and my finances. I’m learning that it’s not just about faith, but also about HOPE–A HOPE in a mighty God who alone is our provision. I challenge you to consider how you inquire into the lives of others… Are you searching for gossip, or to quench your curiosity? Are you asking because it makes ‘worldly’ sense? Or do you ask questions to believers that help them stay focused on THE most important thing—our relationship with Christ?!


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