The Love of the Game

Of course I’m going to talk about Baseball! I stayed up until ONE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING just to watch the Rangers lose game 6 of the World Series. After the, oh, I don’t know, 32nd error all you could hear me chant is “It’s Rigged! It’s Rigged!” Everyone knows The Man wants every series of every professional sport to go to the absolute final game in order to pad the pockets of the corporate execs, increase advertising revenue and pay the ridiculous salaries of the players we hold our breath to see make Little League mistakes.

Then the thought hit me….When the heck did I become so cynical?

I recall the Magic of Christmas, and the excitement and beauty of Easter and the spring time that followed. I remember loving Baseball for the sake of loving baseball! I’ve always been a baseball fan! The first pro game I ever went to was an Astro’s game–who ironically, besides the Rangers, is the only other Pro Team to not win the pennant. That first game was amazing. I remember the massiveness of the Astrodome, watching Darryl Strawberry from the outfield…and the 17 innings…yes SEVENTEEN inning game to which my mother had to convince my step-dad to to back to the hotel at that point.

But somewhere along the way, I gained “knowledge” of the ways of this pitiful world and turned sour to The Man. And with every swing of the bat, my ambivilance of loving the game and hating The politics robs me of pure joy.

I believe that is why Jesus calls us to be like Children in our faith, in our commitment, in our coming to Him. The Man, politics, satan, the world, hurts, fears, realties– will all steal the joy that God intended us to have in this life.

Hoping to catch a few innings of the game tonight, after my daughter cheers at her High School Homecoming Game, and challenging myself to focus on simply, the love of the game!


3 thoughts on “The Love of the Game

  1. If I say, “Go Cardinals!” will you boot me off your friend’s list?

    Did you know the word “cynic” comes from the Greek word KYNIKOS meaning “dog-like”? It paints the picture of a snarling dog, and you know that dog isn’t having any fun. When we become cynical we snarl and turn on people, and that can never reflect the love of God.

    Good thoughts, Tiffany. Thanks.

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