Don’t You Just Hate That?

I am a terrible secretary.  Ask anyone–ask my husband.  I don’t file. I don’t like to make phone calls, I’m terrible at follow up. I am un-organized and somewhat chaotic in my processes.  If I served at some big huge church I would have an admin assistant who would send out my postcards and print my attendance sheets.  But I don’t have one!  I’m part of a small church that sprouted from a church plant. So I do tasks that I’m definitely not gifted to to do and it can be tiring.

As the leader of a KIDMIN OR STUMIN in a church plant, you might be the visionary that will till your ministry into a great fertile ground for Christ.   But as start up church there will be lots of things you will have to do that are necessary for your ministry to function, and they may be things you hate [cough cough] and things that consume your time and things that go against your nature.

If there is anything I’ve learned in this process of growing a church, more than ever, is that it’s not about me.  It’s about Jesus.  The Jesus who left the glory of heaven for me, the Jesus who was betrayed by one of his BFF’s, the Jesus who willingly took nails in his hands.  This Jesus paved the way so that i can do all of those things I hate, without persecution.  I have to find it in my spirit, you have to find it in your spirit, to embrace the task at hand and do whatever it takes to bring kids and teenagers to Christ.  Even file papers, or mail postcards, or make phone calls.

And as we work the soil, over and over, and do the hard work, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the cross will work intimately and intricately in the life of your church so that others may come to know Him.  Be encouraged!

I’ve confessed..not it’s your turn…what are the things you hate to do in your ministry?



2 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Hate That?

  1. A good admin is valuable beyond words. Really missing that aspect right now! I feel kind of hopeless in that area sometimes…but you’re right, we have to do the best we can with what we have. More to chat about – our list is long haha.

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