Are You Prepared?

I’m a huge advocate of Pro-Active living.  It’s likely I’ve spent more time preaching it then actually living it myself.  I tend to put things off, procrastinate–I convince myself I do my best work at the last minute.  I DO know that in the things in my life I choose to live pro-actively I find much more joy and peace.

I have found through ministry and counseling that people often sit around and wait for something to happen, for someone to say something, for the conflict to occur, for the children to mess up.  I have heard, “Next time he does that, I’m going to…”   or “When she does that again, I think I will…”  This type of thinking is Re-active living: reacting to circumstances and relationships.  People who live reactively are often worried, stressed, anxious and vicitmized.

Pro-active living allows us to experience the joy and peace that God intended for our lives.  Instead of waiting for him to do that again, or for her to say that next time, approach the situation BEFORE it happens.  People tend to respond to you better when you face things pro-actively.  If I wait for my teenager to get in trouble before trying to correct him, then there is a chance the lesson may be missed—or more importantly, the love in my lesson to be missed.

I must choose to be prepared in my life.  Being prepared means doing the work on the front end, instead of scrambling around at the tail end to accomplish things that could’ve been accomplished before.  In pro-active living, if something does happen, then most likely I can respond to it, instead of react to it. Reaction in often rash, and thoughtless as means to survive.  Pro-actively living allows for thoughtfulness, prayer and the confidence to handle all situations.

This week live pro-actively. In your schedule, your marriage and your parenting.

Are you a re-active person or a pro-active person??


2 thoughts on “Are You Prepared?

  1. Hmmmm speaking some solid truth here sister. But SO against my personality! I always say I live one day at a time, never really into the future. Hmmmm. I’m a work in progress.

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