Six In One, Half Dozen In The Other

Thanks for all your feedback on Why you Homeschool! It was interesting to see everyone’s perspectives and reasons for homeschooling.

To me, the homeschool versus public school debate is Six in One, Half Dozen in the Other. There are lots of things I don’t agree with in regards to homeschooling and there are lots of things I despise about public school. If your child is scoring in the 98th percentile, or is in all AP classes, or two reading levels beyond where they “should be”, if they aren’t living the Gospel, none of it matters.

Focusing on education is an important part of parenting. But focusing on our children becoming disiciples of Christ is the most important part of parenting. We can make our kids the best, smartest, most “well-adjusted,” but if they aren’t becoming more like disciples of Christ it’s meaningless.

We can keep our kids home or send them to school, six in one, half dozen in the other. We must be teaching our kids–as parents, mentors, ministers–to become true disciples. True disciples are:

::Ordinary, every day people. The most educated, the wealthiest, were all challenged by Jesus to deny their lives and take up their cross, to follow Him.

::People willing to sacrifice. A person who is a disciple is pushed and challenged to give up the things of the flesh to honor the Holy Spirit. There is a risk involved in being a disciple

::Willing. They are willing to go where God leads them, even into the most difficult of circumstances.

:: People who live IN the world. So many families, homeschooled and public schooled, refuse to let their kids be a part of the functioning society that dominates our world. Jesus came out of his perfection into the brokenness, and we all are to do the same.

::Loves others, without prejudice. They are willing to see people as children of God and not social status, or homelife, or educational level of achievement.

As parents, we get often get in the way of our children metamorphisizing into something beautiful for the kingdom. Homeschool AND public school can be hindrances to this refining process. Our fears, our goals for our kids, our desire for them to become the BEST can get in the way of becoming the BEST for Christ.

I challenge all of us to make sure that our perspective of success for our kids doesn’t get in the way of what Jesus has planned for them. In what ways do stop your kids of becoming sacrifical, willing and loving?



4 thoughts on “Six In One, Half Dozen In The Other

  1. Wonderfully thought-provoking post. You’ve given me a great deal to think about. Have you read the book “Radical?” The idea of sending our children into uncomfortable, challenging situations is expounded upon in the book. As with your post, it really made me think. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! I totally agree. We decided to send our kids to a private Christian elementary/middle school, but our oldest went to a public high school starting last year. It was the absolute best thing for him to stretch his wings and ask a ton of questions about life while still living at home.

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