If You Love Her….

Feed Her.

Walk Her.

Play With Her.

This is a constant conversation I have with the children.  For Years–and I mean YEARS–they’ve begged us for a dog.  In my wisdom, even at a very young age, I knew THEM getting a dog would be ME taking care of it.  But I left for Texas this summer, and came home to a husband recovering from knee surgery and a new-to-us-Dog named Precious.

Yah–she came with that name.  We had no choice.  Alyssa and I felt compassion for the fact that she was sold into a new family, most likely without her consent.  We just couldn’t bear the thought of giving her an identity crisis by changing her name.  So Precious it is.

We added Yvonne, because well it sounds French, and Zac wanted to know her last name, because well, “Mom, everyone should have a last name.”  Zac was very set on her last name being Garcia.  He said that just seemed to fit.  So Precious Yvonne Garcia it is.

And they love her, I’m not sure if the dog knows it, but they Loooveee her…but they just don’t want to take care of her.  My confession:  I don’t really wanna do it either.

I don’t want to take care of the orphan dog.

I don’t want to stop watching TV or writing to take her for a walk.

I don’t want to clean up after her bowel movement.

I don’t want to even do the enjoyable stuff like play with her with her toys. (well actually, I do like doing that!)

It’s like us in our relationship with Christ.  We love HIM, but we don’t want to take care of the things HE loves. It’s hard for us to take care of the poor and the orphaned and the widowed.  We have to live selflessly and perhaps sacrifice a 30 minute program to read the Bible.  We might have to get our hands dirty every once in awhile and serve people.  And what about praying with people or hanging out at lunch after church.

We just don’t want to do it.  We LOVE Jesus, We LOVE our Faith, but we just don’t want to do what it takes to express that love.  Jesus says:

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matt 25:40 

If our faith should be anything it should be Deep, Real and Expressed.  Your life without an expression of faith is really no life at all.

Do what it takes to express the compassion, mercy, justice and love of Christ today.  It is the only way the world will know that you Love HIM.



One thought on “If You Love Her….

  1. Thanks for the good words on faith, and the wisdom on dogs 🙂 Our kids have been wanting one for a while (me too some days since no more babies)
    I can’t choose not to serve Christ, but I can choose not to take on the responsibility of a dog haha.

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