Sweet Conversations

On the way to school this morning I hear the raspy voice of my 6 year old ask, “How do I know it’s God?”

This is the way the rest of the conversation went:

Mom: How do you know what’s God?

Zac: Well, if there is a sun, and then something shows up and it looks like a sun too, how do I know it’s God?

Mom: Well first, anything that Sun tells you would have to match what the Bible says. And, in the Bible when Angels would appear they would say “Do Not Be Afraid! And they would tell you they were from God. But the MOST important thing is that whatever this sun, or angel or whatever tells you HAS to match what the Bible would say. Make Sense?

Zac: Yah, but how do you hear that from God?

Mom: Well, he can give you thoughts, or tell you something through the TV or music, or in reading or praying. Your heart will know it’s God.

Zac: I don’t get it.

Mom: Well, it’s like if you are playing at school, and you see someone needs help and you have this thought in your head that says “Zac, stop what you are doing and go help him.” That could very well be God talking to you. And everyday, if you ask God to speak to you to serve him and love him–he will.

Zac: How?

Mom: Well let’s just ask him–God, Zac really wants to hear your voice today. Help him to be quiet in his spirit and in his head so that he can know what you want him to do today to express your love and serve people. Amen!

Zac smiles: cool

Mom kisses him goodbye: can’t wait to hear what God is going to do in your life today.

Zac giggles: Bye mom, I love you.

Have important conversations with your kids–empowering them in their faith and living their life with great expectations of a great and amazing God.


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