Are you BOLD?

Our student group -UNCOMMON- is participating in a World Vision 30 Hour Famine in November. Each student is challenged to raise $180 each, which will in turn support a child in need for 6 months. Yesterday at youth group leadership encouraged the kids to be bold, to make the ask, to do what it takes to reach their goal. Within a few hours, two of our youngest boys went went knocking door-to-door in their neighborhood–together raising a few dollars short of 100 bucks!

This thought came to me: the bolder we are in our faith, the greater the results! Those boys went expecting to get the money they needed, and God came through.

So often we want God to come through–we even believe he CAN–but the question is always: Will HE?

Especially in today’s economy–men and women without jobs, some short of homelessness. The people we see begging on the corner aren’t your typical “hobos” so to speak. They seem to be educated, and probably at one time, employed and hopeful of their futures. We pray –but then ….nothing.

We wonder Will HE when we see our kids struggling to make friends, keep friends or be a friend. We wonder Will HE when our marriages aren’t what we signed up for, our jobs are full of caddiness and gossip and competition. We wonder Will HE when our mother dies of cancer, or our father just has one more beer. Will God come through?

Before school started my husband and I had the expectation of our kids to do their chores. Since school and football and cheerleading, we have lowered our expectations and therefore WE are taking out more trash and washing more dishes.

If we have low expecatations of God, he will respond according. But when we go forth in our lives with BOLDNESS and COURAGE, trusting and believing in God to come through–HE WILL! Now, granted, it might not always be as you would expect or even the way you want, but God will come through. It took him hundreds of years to send a Savior–but nonetheless he fulfilled his commitment.

And that fulfillment of his promise to you found in the Savior is the very reason you should believe God for else in your life. He came through on the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD–eternal life. Trust him for that, and so much more…because HE WILL!


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