Change of Seasons-Love or Hate?

I was tempted to take a snapshot of our weekly weather forecast to share with you but knew it
wouldn’t do justice to the amazing weather we’ve been having in Tampa. I think most of the country is getting a glimpse of the changing seasons and is glad to tell the summer, ” SEE YA –Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!”

I really don’t know TRUE seasons. I’ve lived in Texas and now Florida, so I’ve never truly experienced the change of leaves or even seen a snow fall. I don’t know what the world feels like when the first flower pushes through an ice covered ground. But I love the scent of the fall-ish weather. I love the color
of the sky, the coolness of the air–how the fresh air pushes through my open windows and infiltrates my house.

One day I will visit the New England states and experience true fall but until them I’m almost perfectly content in hot, less hot, a little hot and hotter. I’m like that in my life as well, I don’t do change well. And it’s because of what’s going to happen most likely in the next 5-7 days–it will get hot again-and the fall-ish weather will be somewhere else, and not here.

Change does that sometimes–it teases ahd taunts. It gives you a glimpse of what could be, but won’t. I find that the seasons represent my relationship with God, in a sense. I just want it HOT all the time–on fire, passionate–I don’t want the winter, I don’t want the change, I don’t want the pain of spring…I want consistency.

But I know that when I don’t embrace the seasons of life–I lose the chance to embrace a beautiful side of God–that although life changes, he remains the same. Rather the poverty of the winter, or the coolness of the spring, God is. Whether swimming in the heat of the summer to cool off or watching the leaves transform–God is. I must learn to trust in God, not the season. For God is the only thing that
will ever remain the same in my life and yours.

What’s your favorite season?


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