Why I Watch MTV

And Other Really Crappy Shows!

For the first time I watched the MTV show Awkward with my three teenage girls.  It was slightly PG, and insanely boring.  But for whatever reason my girls connected with it.  One more road to connecting with my kids is connecting with what they love.  I don’t always love it–at times I even detest it–but it’s helpful.   Whether as a parent of 5 or a Family Ministry Director I have to know what Jesus is competing with.  I have to know what entices my children, what the enemy is using to plant evil in my kids’ hearts, and so do you.  Here are some things that might help you:

::Don’t feel like you have to watch every episode all the time, of every show, every week, all the time. Pick a few shows that they are interested in, watch each of them WITH your child. To be interested in your child, you must show you genuinely care about the things they care about.

::Don’t knock a show until you’ve tried it.  I was talking with my teenagers one day in the car about the show 16 and Pregnant.  Immediately I began criticizing everything about the show–although I’ve never even watched it.  I was completely surprised when my teenage girls told me they liked the show because it showed them the tremendous difficulties of teenage pregnancy.  It also re-enforced everything I built into them about waiting on family and relationships.

::You don’t have to like the shows.  But you also don’t have to say everything you hate about them, either.  I don’t offer my opinions unless I’m asked–and I’m always asked.  I might like the plot, but not agree with sexual orientations.  I might hate the wardrobe but think the actresses are cute.  I can always find the silver lining.

::Don’t pretend to like something just so your kids will like it.  They will see right through you.

Our kids live in a world filled with a poverty of connected-ness.  Be a catalyst for change, and start with a simple small way literally, at the touch of your finger tips.

What shows do you watch with your kids that you don’t necessarily love?



3 thoughts on “Why I Watch MTV

  1. Kera Barrigar:: I love this but my question is where do we draw the line and say NO one watches like Jersey Shore sorry but I don’t care how much relating ( and let me tell ya there better not be any relating to that show) would I feel comfortable letting my daughter (when a teen of course) watch that show.
    15 hours ago · Like

    Tiffany Crawford:: Yah, i here you! I am probably more leanient with shows than i should be and i used to be, but i have found a way to use it to my advantage and i have found my thoughts influence them to NOT watch some shows they would have normally watched. And…just a thought , you should probably not have cable when jasmine is a teenager! Lol
    12 hours ago · Like

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