That’s How I Roll

I HAD to get out of the house today. Over the last few weeks I’ve been cooped up, mostly in bed not feeling well. I couldn’t sit in my corner spot of the sectional one more moment, or look at my kitchen without wanting to scream.

I wasn’t quite sure where I would head. Starbucks and Panera are the cool trendy places to office outside of an office. Everyone rushes to the best spots and pulls out their laptops and iPads and sips coffee. They plug in their bluetooths and talk and type and sip. Everyone looks at each other, comparing technology and purpose–each one feeling and exuding importance.

It’s almost as bad as the airport. Important business professionals, carrying their swanky messenger bags and wearing their perfectly picked out sport coats and jeans and loafers…or high heels. Feeling important as they hop a jet to accomplish some meaningless business in another state. As if traveling earns you some sort of cool-ness badge.

Either way, I wasn’t in the mood for constant comparison, and I really didn’t need the temptation of the internet so I scooted over to a local hole in the wall, where I happen to be the youngest hippest person around. Me–young and hip! Yah Buddy–plus they have great sweet tea.

The same people visit this joint–every single time I’ve been in there for breakfast I see the same faces, joking around with familiar waitresses who know what each of them want off the menu. Lots of grey hairs, and coffee, and big framed glasses. Yep–that’s how I roll!

I wonder who goes to church, who really knows Jesus. I wonder if anyone has ever told them that they matter to God. I wonder of the 8 men sitting at the table to my left, who led their family well, who lost a child, who lost a job, who lost their minds. I wonder who holds the wisdom that I so desperately need in my life right now, that if I just could have a conversation with them over some toast and eggs, would change my life forever.

So many people in the world and we choose to live completely secluded. Not really caring about anyone except those who will directly affect our own lives. Not really wanting to take the time to have conversations because we are too busy reading status updates from a machine that will someday betray us. We shut our garage doors so we can avoid the person mowing their lawn across the street, and don’t want the kids in the neighborhood to come in, in fear they will mess up our beloved carpets.

It saddens me at how much life these people have lived, and how much we are missing out on. It saddens me our generations desire for social exclusion and self-importance.

I’m thankful that there is a Jesus who chooses to converse with us, and be in the intricacy of our everyday lives. Who would never close a door in our face, or choose to just read about us instead of really knowing us.

Today, choose to see the world through someone else’s big rimmed glasses. And while your fixing your not yet grey hair, or drinking your cup of coffee realize that Jesus’ desire for you is to live a life beyond Starbucks.


One thought on “That’s How I Roll

  1. This past week at a meeting that brought together leaders from existing churches and new church plants, I sat next to a 71 year old woman as we shared a group discussion around our table. She said she was the youngest person in her worship service! This dear woman was such a delight to talk to, and she was excited for what God was doing as “younger” and “older” came together to learn, encourage, support, and pray. It was an encounter that touched me. She is twice my age, blessed with twice the amount of time to live as a witness to God’s work – she said seeing the changes and the church planting dreams become a reality was “a miracle” and that she definitely knew it was God’s hand in it all. Our faith, family, and community would certainly be lessened of its richness and depth without the contributions, experience, and wisdom of those who have gone before us.

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