Write your Congressman, Facebook made changes!

Over the last few days, i’ve chuckled to myself on several occassions at people’s shameless outrage to the changes on Facebook. So naturally, I have my own opinions and thought I would say a few things myself….

1. YOU: Dear FB, please stop making changes, i want my old facebook back! ME: change is gonna come love. If it is this difficult for you to adapt to a few technological tweaks, I hope nothing major changes in your life anytime soon.

2. YOU: I dont like this so i probably wont be on here anymore. ME: yah, it will take some time to figure it out, but my guess is that you’ve made such a huge investement in Facebook you will be back soon.

3. YOU: please click here and double click here, pat your head jump around 3 times because I dont want you seeing what I say to other people. ME: yahhh, umm, this is the internet. If you dont want others to know what you are saying you probably should have your conversation elsewhere.

4.YOU: I have to spend all this time learning how to do all this again ME: please stop investing so much of your life in facebook. You Might consider using that time to talk to a neighbor or call a friend instead

5. ME: just be a tree. Trees adapt to change, growth, weather transformation, and whatever else comes their way. They do so, standing firm, growing upward and producing fruit. So don’t write your congressman. Just go with the flow, realizing that change will inevitably come…and probably yet again on facebook in the next 3-5 months.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Write your Congressman, Facebook made changes!

  1. LOVE THIS , these are my thoughts EXACTLY and for what its work its not THAT big of a change or really that hard to figure out 🙂 I also want to through out there STOP posting things repetitivley if you don’t know for sure there true or don’t even take the time to check like facebook is gonna charge, this kid is kidnapped repost etc makes me CRAZY! LOL

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