Firemen Don’t Rescue Kittens

A year or so ago there was a little kitten stuck in the palm tree by the bus stop right outside the neighborhood.  My daughter was in tears on her way to school, so I promised her I would take care of it.  I drove up to the nearby fire station and asked them if they would come rescue the kitten from the tree. To which I got LAUGHED AT IN MY FACE.  One of the laughing firemen even said to me, “Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?!”

I felt stupid.  Realllllly stupid!  And that is not the only lie I believed as a child.  Here are a few more:

::Imaginary beings break into houses and give you gifts and money.

::A spanking is the worse consequence I could ever get for bad behavior

::Money is endless

::Life should be fair

::They toy at the bottom of the cereal box is worth the cereal wasted to get it

::Parents don’t make mistakes

::My grandmother’s neighbor was really my aunt

::Satan lived under my grandparent’s house  (that’s for another post)

What are some of the things that fooled you as a child, only to become a disappointment at some point in your life (well, besides the whole Satan-under-the-house-thing)?  Share with me…


2 thoughts on “Firemen Don’t Rescue Kittens

  1. I would have to say the tooth fairy…lol. I remember when I lost my first tooth and I placed it under my pillow and getting ready for bed my dad tucking me in and then I asked “daddy what color is her dress?” I was sooooo Another one is “if you lie your nose is gonna grow like pinoccio” (don’t know how to spell) of course that was another lie.

  2. Its funny the money is endless one… I used to ask my mom for money and when she said she didn’t have anything I Honest to God thought she was lieing and I told her that can’t be the truth parents always have money! ROFL

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