Ministry or Child Care?

I had no idea what I was getting myself into a few years ago when I took a Children’s Ministry Director position at an inner city church.  The church’s property line backed up to small, run down houses filled with poverty, hopelessness and children.  I had worked with kids who suffered through grief, but not really kids who had strung out addicted parents who could absolutely care less about them.  This was my first adventure into helping “orphans” with families, and they stole my heart.

One of the biggest complaints I would get from volunteers and other church members on our Wednesday night outreach nights is that, “this is a church not a childcare facility!”  With arms crossed and humphs, the status of being beyond a daycare was imperative to the people of the church.

It took prayerful leading to help the people to see that it does not matter what other people think about what we do in Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry.  Some people won’t ever get it.  Some people can’t and won’t move beyond finding a place for their kids to go so they can do what they want to do.  And I am here to tell you, That’s Okay!

People thought Noah was nuts for building an Ark with no rain in sight.  They just didn’t understand

People thought Paul was a hypocrite for preaching the word of God after a life of persecuting Him. They just didn’t understand.

Job’s friends, and even his own wife, couldn’t understand his allegiance to God amid the tragedy.  They just didn’t understand.

But each of these men remained faithful to their calling, their purpose.   More importantly, some people just didn’t understand Jesus.  They couldn’t comprehend that he was more than a man, that HE Was–and IS–the Messiah. People will think that your Children’s Ministry is just a childcare, or that your Student Ministry is just a place for teenagers to go to get out of the house.  They just won’t understand.

But God knows your purpose.  Set the standard for excellence and unrelenting love for every child that comes through your doors.  Even if the parents don’t truly grasp the importance of your ministry, it’s okay.  Do your part in sharing your vision, let God do his part of changing hearts.  And in the duration, keep loving, and planting the seeds of Christ into the heart of every child.  Your job IS Child Care…in the most noble, honorable regard.  A spiritual one!  One that will make a difference for the Kingdom of God into eternity.


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