KIDMIN PLANTING: Setting Standards

Starting a Children’s Ministry is a constant work in progress.  We try, we fail, we try again.  Normally there are a few key families with kids helping start your church, so it’s easy to quickly become lax in keeping or even setting a standard of excellence for your ministry.

No matter what size your ministry, what you value should exemplify a standard of safety, love and community all for God’s glory.  Set our standard, and expect people to adhere to it.  Your ministry will grow faster than you can imagine, and it’s more difficult to infuse a higher level of expectations to families who become comfortable with  a lack of standard then being proactive and preparing your ministry for God’s movement.

Your standards should be clearly communicated to parents, other staff and key leadership and even to the kids in an appropriate way. They should reflect the level of excellence set forth in your whole church plant and should always aim at challenging people to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

What are some of the standards you set forth in your KIDMIN or STUMIN?  How are you pro-active in setting standards in your STUMIN or KIDMIN?


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