Are You Deep Enough?

Pray for me, I need a job.

I’ve had 5 interviews a week and still can’t get hired.

My child is out of control, his anger is life controlling for everyone!

My daughter misses her real dad, and in her frustration she lashes out at everyone.

Please stop asking me to be involved. I’m too busy.

I just had to spend $500 to fix my car.

I took the kids to school this morning and heard the story on the radio about the church shooting in Lakeland. Then  I came home and spent the day in bed recuperating from a too busy weekend that my body rebelled to.  By Noon, we spent $200 fixing our A/C, and by the evening, my grandfather had broken his hip.

It seems that now more than ever we need to be strong in our faith.  Finances, family, churches, health, everything possibly imaginable is being attacked.  This is the time that we, as believers in Christ, are to stand firm in the truth of who God is:

Faithful.     Provider.     Healer.     Restorer.     Father.     Savior.     Rock.    Redeemer.

Not to mention:

Holy.  Sovereign.  Loving.

Are we living that way?  Do we live not just as we believe these things about some lofty deity but as we intimately know this person we call God?

It is in the roots of our faith that we find the strength to handle the disappoints and uncertainty of our futures.  The only way a tree can stand so firmly in the storm is because of the depths and strength of its roots.  As is for us.

If you are struggling, depend on your roots to keep you strong and steady in the difficulties. If your life isn’t weathering a storm, spend some time deepening your roots, because the storms will come.

Now is the time to believe in a Big God to do Greatness for His Glory.  Are you believing?


2 thoughts on “Are You Deep Enough?

  1. Wow…what a post. We go through our day to day lives and forget what it’s all about. It’s about believeing and reaching out to those who don’t. It’s hard and not easy but what is, right?

    I start my day by turning off my alarm clock and closing my eyes cause I don’t want to get up and not excited about my job cause I don’t like it. but I know there is some reason why God has me here. Still trying to figure that one out. Then I have to deal with getting my son dressed and out the door before 6:30 am. Then get to work and deal with problems there. The negativety that I have to deal with and rumors and backstabbers. It’s so hard that I just want to scream it out loud. Then I leave to pick up my son and get homework done and make dinner and wait for my hard working husband that I love so much. And it goes on and on. But thank God we belong to Coastland so that we are reminded to believe and do go for other people. There are other things that I want to talk to you about and when you have a minute please write me a message on FB.

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