What Will You Leave Undone?

So My day started with a 5am alarm and then a sick kid and then a long drive to a meeting and then a long meeting and then a long drive home and then….

I’ll stop there and spare you the details…but it’s 10 at night and I’m still going, lots to finish before the nights over…ohh when will the night be over?!  I looked around my house tonight and with a rush I realize: to get all my “and then’s” done there are lots of “and then’s” that are left UNdone.

Like this:

  And then there are the piles, left laying around the house…the thousands of them…of mail, of papers of books that never get put away:

And let’s not forgot that in the midst of running around to appease the children, to cheer them on, somehow in  it all they are cheated a bit too…with things like this:

It’s like Andy Stanley says, when we focus on one area of our lives, or our children’s lives, we choose to cheat another.  I’ve come to the conclusion in my life that I can’t do it all, in fact there are times I can’t do anything for that matter.  Accepting my imperfection is a long, painful journey for me, but it helps knowing that the place I’m most perfected is when I’m enveloped with the only perfect love available, that found in Jesus.

He doesn’t care if I have piles of books or laundry.  He could care less if we eat pizza or peanut butter.  What He does care about is this: that His love extended to me by grace, flows out of my life and into the lives of those around me.

So This weekend, don’t aim to get it all done, aim to love whatever small wonder sits on your lap and hugs your neck, read One Fish Two Fish for the millionth time, cheer on # 98, be there at 8am for #70, brush the hair of the 14 year old who will be gone in 4 years, hold your husband’s hand.  And…

Have a fantastic weekend!



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