You CANNOT Is Different From You CAN

Can we tell our kids they can be whatever they want to be without encouraging them in the wrong direction? In our discussion on Facebook, a few made comments that stated something like this:

I had a teacher/mother/friend tell me I can’t go to college/play the guitar/be a good mother. I proved them wrong!

Telling a child they can’t do something is very different from telling a child they can be whatever they want.  As we seek to encourage our children to become the best they can be, we must not tell them they can’t accomplish things.  Wait. I know. It sounds like I’m talking out of both speakers…BUT…

As parents, teachers, ministry leaders and people who influence kids, it is our greatest responsibility to steer them in a direction of discovery of their likes and dislikes, their talents and giftedness given by a loving Father. We are to show them how God has made them fit into HIS story of glory.  If we encourage them to become whatever they want to be, we encourage them to believe that what God wants for them is not of the utmost importance.

But in order to do this, to show them their God dreams, their beautiful potential, we must first search our own hearts and lives and discover why we want our kids to go the direction we push them.  I find myself over-anxious to push my kids to make lots of friends, to do fun things on the weekends. I want my kids to have amazing childhood memories.  When I reflect on my childhood, the scale tips sometimes at the misery, and I don’t want that for my kids.  My own sufferings are what push me to push my kids.

As a parent I have to be willing to let God deal with my fears, so that my kids can be released to live a life of faith.

Are you willing to do that?  Can you see ways in your life that effect how you influence the kids in your life?


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