A Piece of the Puzzle

One of the biggest struggles I have in life is this:  wait for it….. I don’t do puzzles.  Yeah, that’s my big confession.  I remember as a child hating puzzles.  My grandfather was almost always working on some 1000 piece time-wasting-hell-inducing puzzle of flowers and birds and quaint little houses.  I would stand there with him just staring at the mess before me.  He would joke with me and said that if I picked up a piece and tried it and it didn’t fit, I owed him a quarter.  I never even tried.  Besides the fact that I was 8 and broke, it was always such confusion for me.

As an adult, this puzzle curse haunts me.  I lack spacial thinking skills completely.  Forget trying to figure out how to put furniture in a room, or pack a storage unit.  It just doesn’t work for me… and then….


Yah, God.  He puts me in this place where I have to do puzzles, all the time.  You see this:

This is the floor of the nursery that is put together every Sunday.  Most of the time I delegate :).  But this week I worked on it myself.  On my hands and knees, pushing the pieces together, trying to figure out if I had enough for a 7×7 or 6×7.  I was so confused.  My sweet 11 year old came and rescued me. As I moved on to the next piece of the puzzle–building walls–I had to laugh at….


He puts me in a place where I fit into HIS puzzle, where part of my job is not just something I don’t like, but something I struggle at.  With every piece of the larger picture, I settled into the sovereignty of God.  If I–if WE–aren’t doing something that forces us out of comfort zone, that pushes us beyond our abilities, we are missing out on the very essence of our relationship with God.

Whether building a children’s ministry on Sunday mornings, or cultivating a forest of trees, or raising children, or going to school or _______(fill in the blank), there should be things in our life that we don’t depend on our own gifts and talents.  We should celebrate those things we aren’t capable of, because then and only then do we have complete dependence on God.  Much like a tree….

Where do you struggle?  Do you hate your shortcomings like me?  Share with me.


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