Big Changes in a Small KIDMIN

I was standing at the children’s ministry check in table explaining the new security process with a parent, With a smile she places the security tag on her child and says, “Wow! Things sure do change fast around here!” In that moment, I knew I needed to make some changes in the way I did things before I made too many changes in this ever evolving children’s ministry.

Here are a few facts to take into consideration. 

All ministries are constantly changing and tweaking, and more so when you are just starting up a ministry. As we try things out, we realize how processes can be better or recognize those that just aren’t working. Even when ministry is thriving with hundreds of kids, there is always room for change. And as ministry grows, there is always a necessity for change.

People Hate Change. All in all, most people feel threatened by change. Church is one place that people, especially parents, want to feel safe. They want to know what to expect, and expect to know what is happening. It is in our nature to fight against what makes us uncomfortable. For some, even the slightest change can mean the greatest challenge.

Here are some ways to help the people who hate the change your children’s ministry will inevitably go through. 

Unless absolutely necessary, save all of your changes and make them at once. Making small changes weekly can seem liket things are “always changing.” To you, the ministry leader, it may seem tiny, but to the family who is only impacted by your ministry 4 times a month it can seem unnerving. Changing your check in process, how you set up your tables, the way you welcome families, are all things that can be saved up for BIG Change weekends. Making all the changes at once will prove to be more effective, giving you time to think and pray through the changes, and giving you time to prepare the parents and kids for changes.

Educate on why the change is necessary. To help soften the blows of constant change, educate your parents of your BIG Change weekends. Give them a week to prepare for the changes you are making through flyers, email reminders, Facebook notifications. Help them to understand the importance and purpose of the change so they can climb on board and back up your leadership!

Create an excitement about the changes you make. When you announce your BIG Change weekends, focus on the positive aspects of the children’s ministry. Thank the parents for being great parents, high five the kids for being able to “go with the flow!” If your parents are educated, then they can be your greatest proponents for the changes in your ministry.

Focusing on the benefits of your changes for families will make all your transitions easier. Change is a necessary part of your ministry, and handling it with a planning and positive excitement will prove to be a contagious catalyst in the growth of your ministry!


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