Chasing a puma: Can you catch him?

On the first day of school I forgot to give Zac lunch money…naturally.  I took a trip up to his school, and decided to take it myself.  After intruding on his first day of school and feeling the sting of him pretending he didn’t know me, I began the walk back to my car.

I hear an a lady yelling, “Stop!  Stop that little boy!”

As fast as a little puma, this blonde headed kindergartner zoomed past me.   Luckily I run as fast as a little puma, so off after him I chase.  As he was rounding the building a line of 5th graders were walking to their classroom.  I yelled for them to stop the escapee.  They cornered him up against the building, just in time for the lady to pass me up (apparently she’s as fast as a mama puma–or an instructional assistant puma).

Catching my breath. I started to call on my skills from working with kids who are under stress or have behavior issues.  But the instructional assistant just grabbed him by the hand and asked “Why did you run?” as she pulled him off to class.  I tried to talk with him as they were walking away…I tried to tell him to make safe choices, to be helpful, to tell a teacher if he didn’t feel safe.  As the little boy started to talk, the IA cut him off, and before I knew it they were gone.

I went home with a broken heart.  I see teachers, parents and ministry leaders who just don’t know how to really help kids who are scared, lost and confused.  The little puma boy, he just didn’t know what to do with himself in kindergarten.  And no one was listening, no one knew how to help him.

So many kids in your life are running…maybe not as fast as a puma, maybe not out of kinder class, but they are running.  They are buried in video games, obsessed with boys, inable to pay attention to anything for more than five minutes.  They run from God, ignore their hurt and try to talk, but people cut them off.

Are you listening?  Are you cutting them off?  Do you grab their hand and just pull them back to class, putting a band-aid on the problem?

You can chase them after they lash out, or you can show them you care enough so that they won’t.  What will you do? Have questions, need help? Just let me know!  I’m here to serve!


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