Sound Tracks of Children

Besides the snore of the dog, this house is painfully quiet. The kids
are at school, finally. I have a bittersweet taste in my spirit. They
are growing, gaining independence, leaving me…behind. They are
becoming those trees, deeply rooted in Jesus, family, hope for a

A week ago, laying by the pool with my eyes closed, I embedded their
soundtrack in my memory. The splashing, playful teasing,
laughter. The sounds of their childhood, of a life being lived. Last
night I did the same. A recount of a 6th graders first day, a very
detailed narrative of a high schoolers first step on a new journey,
complaints of how tiring 1st grade is. It’s all part of
their soundtracks.

The thing about a soundtrack is that it is memorable, you can recall
the tune at any moment and it will transport you back to that time of
innocence. The innocence that will quickly become lost in their lives,
much like in yours and mine. The soundtrack of my life is not a gentle
sway of the trees in the wind on a spring day. Most of the time it is
the thunderous clap of a storm moving quickly through the days that
overpowers and drowns out the sounds of a life well lived.

What is your soundtrack? Are you taking the time to really listen to
the interactions of the kids around you, holding them in your heart for
a lifetime?

Comment, I would love to hear how your first week of school is going!


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